This page contains feedback I received from my clients on various projects/workshops/lectures/consulting I conducted. All evaluations are anonymous.


Working with VIPs: Very Involved Parents

"Loved the opportunities to take parents comments and practice responding (almost like psychodrama with role switching). Would enjoy more of this. This was a very valuable class and was very relevant to daily concerns when working with parents here in the district. Thank you to Daria. This was very well done!"
"Info can/should be shared at faculty meetings.Very well developed and presented. Thank you!"
"I think incorporating how to deal with VIP s in IEP meetings would be help to staff."

Mindfulness in the Classroom

"I loved this class. It was very relaxing and I really believe that we do need to implement mindfulness in the classroom district wide. Students have so much stress and anxiety and other countries found that this method reduces that." 
"This staff college was one of the best I have attended. It left me enthused to begin the new school year and to try these approaches with my students. I am particularly keen to try this with the new sixth graders who can have a lot of anxiety beginning middle School."
"Nicely presented! I especially liked that we were able to experience mindfulness techniques ourselves to understand first hand how it affects you physically and emotionally."
"Can we do this during department and staff meetings? I think this would be a great way to help the staff!"


Maximize Your Prep Time

"Loved it! Being in a small group and being able to collaborate and share ideas with colleagues is wonderful!"
"This was a wonderful class! I appreciated hearing input from teachers of other areas of content and different grade levels. I would highly recommend this course, especially to new teachers who are learning how to establish routine as a teacher and to veteran teachers who need to find takeaways to streamline their daily routine."
"Great class, very worthwhile! Thank you!"