Preparing for a 24 hour Digital Detox

Since my social media detox...

I have been very intentional with my social media use.

Haven't checked Pinterest or LinkedIn in approximately two weeks. Did sign on Facebook to check MOMs club updates, touch base with friends and colleagues, and share a few pictures of the baby and one achievement. Need to but cannot figure out how to perform a bulk clean up of my friends. Please help.

Deleted my Instagram account since it brought zero value to my life.

Been putting out more meaningful content less frequently thus curbing my social media habit even more.

I am now preparing for a digital detox

That means that I will give up all digital devices (phone, laptop, TV, iPad, etc) for a period of time. Will start with 24 hours, then build on it: 48, and maybe even a 72 hour digital detox. 

Nota Bene

1. What if I need to set an alarm?

Use the travel alarm clock you have. It's old, clunky, and gets the job done.

2. What if I need to take a picture?

Use the Nikon camera you have. No, you may not share the picture right away.

3. What if I get bored? 

Have reading material ready: a stack of magazines that you never have time to read because, yes - too busy reading stuff on your phone. And books, of course.

4. During the detox, place your technology out of sight. Maybe even under a padlock. 

5. What if there is an emergency? Of course, you can use your phone then.

6. Are audiobooks allowed? No.

7. Can I use Alexa to play music or add things to the list? No. 

I leave you with two incredible TED talks about technology addition and being a digital zombie. The time to make a change is NOW. Put down that phone. Log off that Facebook. Turn off that TV.

Society is guiding our children mindlessly towards technology at an alarming rate, without taking a step back to examine the potential impact this could have. For many, technology flooding starts very early in life, and is hard to escape as we become increasingly dependent on technology for even the simplest of tasks.
In a hyperconnected world, where mobile devices have become appendices to our body and people check their social media accounts hundreds of times a day, human interaction is sacrificed daily in favour of digital exchanges.