**GIVEAWAY** Contest for Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Vol. 1

This is a giveaway that my husband set up- it's for **Rebel Girls** book, volume 1. 

**It’s important, especially in today’s climate, that we show our little girls that it’s okay to be a rebel. That it’s okay to break the mold and fight for what’s right as they grow up in this tragic excuse of a reality. My husband Anthony purchased the book “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls” for our daughter Lyra, as he wanted to make sure she knows that the world will be what she makes it – and that whatever future she decides to create for herself is one that isn’t limited to what society has imposed upon women.

That’s why this series of books is so important – it shows our little girls that they can be whatever they want to be and not be confined to stereotypes. They can change the world. They can create. They can be forces of nature. With these stories, as well as our own passion on the subject, Anthony and I are going to raise Lyra to know that only those who cross the line are the ones that know how far they can go.   We want to make sure other children out there have the benefit of hearing these stories. Anthony and I are giving away ten copies of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Vol. 1 to those who cannot afford the price tag on this important book. A nice present for your little rebel on the rise.

To enter, please send him a direct message with your name, your financial situation, why you feel this book is important, and the age of your little one by 6PM EST Thursday, December 14th. Anthony and I will pick the ten lucky winners and notify you by reply to get your mailing address.**